Earth Day Haiku at Home

“Earth High School”

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day Sheltering At Home

Source: NASA

Summer, class dismissed

Silence. Fall brings old echos

Earth High School awaits.

Source: VPR

Some cliques linger on

Lunch spots shift. New friends, same mess

All superficial.

Source: Telsa

Seniors graduate

Monochrome memories shift

Freshmen seek color.

Student vacation

Summer school cancelled this year?

Only staff remain.

Source: NASA

Halls present exits

Gyms clear of body order


Bee Earthy!

Custodial cuts

Endeavoring maintenance

Unpretentious work.

Source: NASA

*Creek!* Absence. Walls beg

Vacancy. Fainted sounds roar

Silence deafening.

Leaders take notice

Invest. Repair. Sustain. Now.

“For our children’s sake.”

Unforeseen events

Humans sheltering at home

Climate change? Forewarned.

Source: NASA

50 years. Earth Day

Earth years? 4.5 billion

One planet. One home.



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Alexander Melendrez

For public thoughts too long for social media. I was into haiku briefly. Some newsletter highlights. Peninsula and South Bay Organizing Manager for YIMBY Action